Circles are better than rows.

Often, when we get stuck in life, it takes the help, insight, or encouragement of another person to help us get back on track. Small Groups are made up of 10-12 people that gather weekly to make friends, learn about the bible and grow in their faith.

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50+ Singles GroupMeets in Cafe at RPC; Age Range: 50+ Singles. Join in for bible study, gatherings off-campus at various restaurants and/or events.Thursday at 6:30 PMRichmond Singles
Alter, Phil & AllisonMeets in Rosenberg and rotates between homes. Age range late 20's to 35.Wednesday at 6:30 PMRichmondMarried
Au, Teresa & ThomasMeets at the Yard & Grill at RPC and rotate between homes. Age range 30s-50s.Thursday at 6:30 PMRichmondMarried
Bryant/CooperMeets in Sienna Plantation every other Tuesday evening. We welcome all age ranges and are a child friendly group.Tuesday at 5:30 PMMissouri CityMarried/Single
Circle Up - Mom's Meet UpA Meet up for Moms & their Little Ones!
  • 10/3/2018 12:00 PM
  • 12/3/2018 12:00 PM
  • 1/10/2019 12:00 PM
  • 2/7/2019 12:00 PM
Cortez, Jorge & LupeJorge & Lupe will lead this group for parents with teens on Sundays at 6:30pm. Child friendly.Sunday at 6:30 PMMissouri CityMarried/Single
Creative Night Tuesday at 7:00 PMRichmond Students
Davis, Todd & PeggyMeets in River Park West. Age Range 45-70s.Wednesday at 7:00 PMRichmond Married
DrouetJeff & Lindsey Drouet lead this group that meet in Quail Valley. All age ranges are welcome and we are a kid friendly group. This Fall we are studying The Imperfect Disciple by Jared C. Wilson.Sunday at 6:00 PMMissouri CityMarried/Single
GarciaPharris & Kelley Garcis lead this group and meet in Fresno, every other Sunday evening. All ages welcome and child friendly. We will discuss the sermon notes from service that morning.Sunday at 5:00 PMMissouri CityMarried/Single
GlazierSteve & Shelagh Glazier lead this group meeting in Riverstone every other Wednesday evening. All ages are welcome. We share dinner from 6:30 to 7:00 pm and review and discuss the sermon from the previous Sunday.Wednesday at 6:30 PMMissouri City Married/Single
Goff, Doug & SusieMeets in Sugarland. Age range 40-70s.Tuesday at 7:00 PMRichmond Married/Single
GriefShareSharise Amante will lead this group that deals with loss of a loved one.Wednesday at 10:00 AMMissouri City  
Heikkila, Eddie & RuthMeets in Sugar Creek. Age range 40-70s.Wednesday at 7:00 PMRichmond Married/Single
Hochradel, Tom & SherryTom & Sherry Hochradel lead this group meeting in Sienna Plantation. All ages welcome. Group study to be selected.Wednesday at 6:30 PMMissouri City Married/Single
IF Gathering 2/9/18 Once at 2/9/2018 6:00 PM   
MC Glazier Women's GroupWe are beginning Thursday September 20th at 9:45am. Shelagh Glazier will lead the bible study based on the book "Who do you say that I AM? by Becky Harding.Thursday at 9:45 AMMissouri City Women's
MC Men's AM Bible StudyJamey Webster leads this Men's Morning group meeting at Leonetti Graphics, 3635 Glenn Lakes Drive.Wednesday at 6:30 AMMissouri City Men's
MC Men's PM Bible StudyCJ Randolph & Joey Warnken lead this Men's evening bible study. All ages welcome. We are studying 50 Commands of Jesus.Wednesday at 7:30 PMMissouri City Men's
McMullen, Doug & SonjaMeets in Del Web. Age range 50-70s. Group study is Book of Romans by Tommy Nelson.Monday at 6:30 PMRichmond Married/Single
Men's - Chris Cuellar GroupMeets Wednesday evenings at Chris's home.Wednesday at 7:00 PM  Men's
Men's - Dean Johnson GroupMeets in Briarwood Crossing. Age range 30 and under. Men's Bible Study.Monday at 7:15 PMRichmond Men's
Men's - Ken Conn GroupMeets in Pecan Grove. Age range 40-70s. Men's Bible Study.Wednesday at 6:30 PMRichmond Men's
Men's - Michael Cartwright GroupMen's Group that meets mornings on the Richmond CampusWednesday at 6:30 AMRichmond Men's
Men's - Shane Light Greatwood GroupMeets the first 3 Tuesdays of every month. Meetings are held in Shane's home.Tuesday at 7:00 PM  Men's
Miller, Tom & LillyMeets in New Territory; Rotate between homes in NT, Greatwood, and Riverstone. Age range 40-60s.Thursday at 7:00 PMRichmond Married
Mom's Night Out The First Tuesday of every month at 7:00 PMWest End  
Mom-Squad Lunch GroupA Lunch Group for moms of tweens & teensThe Second Wednesday of every month at 11:45 PMRichmond Women's
Mom-Squad Small GroupTuesdays BEGINNING JANUARY 8, 2019 A 6-week small group study going through "Six Truths of Motherhood" by Birds on a Wire. This is a small group for moms of tweens & teens. Check out for more information on the study!Tuesday at 10:00 AMRichmond Women's
Morgan, Wes & KaylaMeets in Waterside Estates. Age range 25-35.Tuesday at 7:00 PMRichmondMarried
Partain, Joe & LauraMeets in Shiloh Lake Estates. Age range 40-60.Wednesday at 6:45 PMRichmond Married
Patton, Adam & CarlaMeets in Telfair. Age range is late 25's-40's. Married or Single. Join us as we go through a Bible study/lesson, as we seek to lead believers and nonbelievers in a life-changing connection with Jesus Christ. Spend some time together eating, learning, celebrating, and fellowship. We have fun and we know you will fit right in!Tuesday at 7:00 PMRichmond Married/Single
Philippians Study Sunday at 9:30 AMWest End 
Porter, Steve & NancyMeets in North Sugar Land. Age range 50-60s.Sunday at 6:30 PMRichmond Married/Single
Reed/McElreathWe are beginning Thursday, September 20th at 9:30 am. Kim McElreath & Yvonne Reed will lead the bible study, Seamless written by Angie Smith.Thursday at 9:30 AMMissouri City Women's
Rush, Mark & GretchenMeets in El Campo and Wharton, TX. Age range 30-70s. Come when you can for all or part!Wednesday at 6:30 PMRichmond Married/Single
SikesMatt & Drew Sikes lead this group and meet in Sienna Plantation. All ages are welcome. Kid friendly.Sunday at 5:00 PMMissouri CityMarried
Single Women's GroupJoin Renee Meaux as she leads the study and discussion Reflections of God:The Theology of Beauty.Sunday at 7:00 PMMissouri City  
Starting Point-Fall 2018 Sunday at 10:00 AMWest End 
Tate, Randy & ShawnMeets in Greatwood. Age range 45-65.Tuesday at 7:00 PMRichmond Married
Vickery, Joe & JuliaMeets in Rosenberg. Married couples 45 to 65. We are a group who are eager in advancing our relationship with God and increasing our knowledge by diving deep into THE WORD. We are doing a Precept Study by Kay Arthur, The Power of Knowing God. (10 week). Bring your Bibles and can bring a package of 8 basic colored pencils.Tuesday at 6:30 PMRichmond Married
Warnken, Joey & KellyJoey & Kelly will lead this parents of teens group, every other Sunday evening from 5 pm to 7 pm. Child friendly.Sunday at 5:00 PMMissouri City Married/Single
WE Men's Group Fall 2018 Thursday at 7:00 AMWest End Men's
Weir, Martin & AliceMeets in Richmond. Age range 50-80s.Wednesday every 2 weeks at 7:00 PMRichmond Married/Single
Women's - Chapa, MonicaMeets on-campus at The Yard and Grill after the 9:00am service. Women's Small Group. Age Range late 20's-40s.Sunday at 10:30 AMRichmondWomen's
Women's - Gentry, AdelinaMeets in Katy. Age range 25 and up. Women's Bible Study. Group study is "Finding My Voice: How our Identity in Christ fuels our purpose for a fulfilled life."Friday at 6:45 PMRichmond Women's
Women's - Lee, KathyMeets in Sunrise Meadow. Age range all welcome. Group study is Living Beyond Yourself by Beth Moore. 10 week study on the Fruit of the Spirit will be complete on 9-30-18. We will be beginning our next study Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst on October 7.Sunday at 6:00 PMRichmond Women's
Women's - Snow, KathyMeets in Del Webb. All age ranges are welcome. No Child Care provided. Current study "We Saved You A Seat, Finding& Kepping Lasting Relationships" by Lisa-Jo BakerThursday at 9:30 AMRichmond Women's
Wright, Roosevelt & DonishaMeets in Harvest Green neighborhood in Richmond, TX Age range 25-45.Thursday at 6:30 PMRichmond Married